Top 5 Ways To Be A Great Executive PA

Being an assistant to a busy executive can sometimes feel overwhelming especially with the amount of work that is involved. Time is limited and your manager is looking to you to get a large chunk of work done that you’ll probably never get any credit for. Regardless, you are dedicated to being the best assistant that you can possibly be.

In this article, we will be checking out the simple ways to be a great executive assistant and how to provide appropriate support to your new manager.

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  1. Ask your manager to outline his/her expectations

This will help you to be clear on the kind of support he/she needs. Go through your company’s mission, goals and policies so that you can use the information to handle different situations and deliver the appropriate level of assistance.
Possible questions you could ask your boss:

• What are my priorities for the week, month and year ahead?
• What are your objectives?
• Are you happy for me to answer emails on your behalf?
• How do you organize your calendar?
• How do you like to have your meetings set out?
• How do you prefer to receive information?

  1. Study to improve your job skills and knowledge whenever possible

Short Practical courses will help to improve your effectiveness as a PA. The more that you know, the better you can perform your duties. If you are in a junior position, additional learning is a good way to advance your career.

A great executive PA constantly takes short courses like the PA & Executive Secretary Master Class course offered by Kumalogreen to improve their skills and knowledge. Attending an event such as The 10th Annual Joburg Secretaries Day Conference coming up in September would also provide you with an exceptional learning opportunity through the various topics presented by 11 world-class speakers.

Investing your time and energy into your own education will ALWAYS give you the upper hand!

  1. Maintain an electronic calendar of important meetings and events

Maintaining a calendar of important meetings and events is a huge help to your manager. Each morning, provide your manager with a breakdown of the day’s schedule.

Throughout the day and well in advance of an appointment, remind your manager of it so that he/she has time to prepare accordingly, remembering to leave time for off-site meeting travel etc.

In addition, maintain files on potential or current investors, clients or partners for your manager to use as a way to refresh his/her memory before an important meeting or call.

  1. Keep up to date with business technology

You should stay relevant and updated with the latest office gadgets and technology. This will help you to work efficiently and be an effective PA to your manager.

  1. Understand the wider company issues

The Executive PA is the eyes and ears of their manager. The ability to listen and to communicate across the company is an important skill that should be encouraged and learned.

A clear understanding of the priorities, motivations and issues of other employees across the company, is vital to the Executive Personal Assistant, so that daily tasks can be prioritized effectively.

Understanding wider company issues also helps you to become a problem-solver and not just a participant.

Attending The PA and Executive Secretary Master Class offered by KumaloGreen, will empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a variety of assistant services to your manager, that will help him/her manage their business schedules and work responsibilities more effectively.


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