Tips to Help you Clean Up your Digital Chaos

We have come to rely heavily on our technological devices, apps, syncing programs and social media in order to function effectively. But, just as clutter and chaos can cause anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed in our physical world, we can experience the same feeling in our virtual world. In fact, it could even be worse in our virtual world. In the physical world, we may be surrounded by ‘stuff’, but these physical objects don’t suddenly jump up at us and demand our attention. Our chaotic work desk, filled with papers, stationery and coffee cups, doesn’t make a noise, or insist on our full focus. Our virtual world, on the other hand – does exactly that.

Digital clutter shows up in many different forms. For instance, as we work on our laptops, email notifications pop up, push notifications from Facebook buzz on our phones, and calendar reminders for birthdays ping on your tablet. Another form of virtual clutter is what is commonly known as “virtual hoarding”. Just because we have the ability to store all the emails, files, pictures, music etc that we could ever need, doesn’t mean that we should. The most common reason for this storage is that we “might need it in the future”. Ironically – that is the same response from a diagnosed hoarder.

Digital clutter can become a real problem if it is left “untreated”. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy from de-cluttering your digital world:

  • Fewer invasive distractions
  • A clearer mind and workday
  • Less stress
  • Less personal information out there in the virtual world
  • More time to follow inspirational and motivational pages
  • More focus on what is important to you
  • Removal of toxic / hindering information
  • Less information to sift though to find what you’re looking for

Take that first baby step Join our 30-day challenge and de-clutter your computer; phone / tablet; and Apps each day, to liberate yourself from the social pressures and anxiety caused as a result. Unless you love it, or absolutely need it – don’t keep it!

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