Tips on organising the best Office Christmas Party

Have you been put in charge of organising the office Christmas party this year? Excellent! Let’s make it one that your colleagues will talk about for years to come. Here’s some tips to help you.


  1. Plan, plan and plan some more

It’s definitely not too late to start organising your Christmas party, but you definitely need to do a few things right away. And no. 1 is decide on and book a venue. The good ones are booked up quickly, so start calling and e-mailing your faves right away.


  1. Decide on a date

Probably best to start with a date that suits the boss, then group e-mailing the rest of your colleagues to see which (of the dates the boss gave) suits the majority. Make sure to include the time of day the event will be held as this may impact on the person’s decision.


  1. Partners or not?

Depending on your company (and your boss’ wishes), your event may include partners of staff, and even kids. This is a crucial piece of information when deciding on the venue, time of day the party will be held, menu, entertainment etc.


  1. Send out invitations (asap)

Once the date and venue are set, send out invitations. Remember to include the date you need all replies, so you’re not chasing people at the last minute.


  1. I can spend how much??!!

Your budget can influence your whole party, but a tight budget does not mean a bad party. All it means is that you may need to be a bit more creative. Enlist the help of colleagues that can help with decorations, table settings, entertainment etc. You will not believe the amount of hidden talent behind the most unexpected colleagues! Tap into this.


  1. Theme for the event

A theme can be just for the decorations or you can go the whole hog and include this in the dress theme. It can be as simple as people wearing a silly hat or t-shirt to full-on dress up.


  1. Entertainment

Even if your party is just a lunch, it’s always fun to fill in the time with games, quizzes and such. Think of memorable (or even things-we’d-rather-forget) events that happened throughout the year to your colleagues and within the company. These are the things you can laugh at by the end of the year and will definitely put people in a jovial mood. Don’t forget competitions: prizes for best-dressed (if that’s your theme) or for the colleague that prevented the most work being done, or the one who broke the most equipment! Be creative, but not mean, so make sure you know the person will take it in good humour!


  1. Remember to take photos

Of course you are going to need ammunition for Monday morning (or the whole of January)! So take loads of photos. Sometimes looking back on the event is as much fun as the event itself.


Lastly, just enjoy yourself and make sure everyone else is enjoying it too. This is a time for a celebration of the end of another busy, hard-working year, giving thanks that we actually have jobs (unlike so many in our country), and simply having fun with the people we spend most of our time with.

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