The Future is Female

The 9th of August is National Woman’s Day, but with our natural female flair – the whole of August has become worth celebrating. The 9th is a day which commemorates a march of more than 20 000 women in 1956. A day where women protested laws that suppressed women during the apartheid era. For the 1st time, the world saw the strength of women, and this month, we want to encourage that inner-strength, for yourself & for the ladies around you.

The most common benefits of supporting each other as women, include the following:

  • Community – as women, we naturally ‘flock’ together and share information. Being a part of something bigger encourages inclusivity and offers resources and skills that vary greatly.
  • A Solid Foundation for Success – this empowering environment can provide a stable platform for each woman to build upon. This will create a network of successful women, inspiring others to do the same
  • Defeat Imposter Syndrome – a supportive environment allows the freedom to ask questions and speak up. This encourages a sharing of challenges that others may not necessarily understand, unifying women, and creating balance.

Even though this kind of behaviour should be second nature, we live in a world where individual focus has taken the attention of many, as the struggles seem overwhelming. By supporting each other and creating that sense of community – we can take on anything (as shown by the woman in 1956).

So how do we take these steps to explore our strengths together?

  1. Constant Encouragement – Listen to the women around you and encourage them to move forward on decisions (within reason) and watch them excel beyond their own imagination.
  2. Ensure Accountability to Goals – Uplift the women around you and find out their goals (be it personal or work) and keep reminding them. It’s easy to get distracted these days, so a little bit of prompting will help.
  3. Watch your Language – Instead of saying things like “you’re amazing”, use language that will shake the ground they walk on and create a feeling of invincibility – such as “you’re powerful”.
  4. Follow our 31-Day Challenge – increase your strength and the strength of the women around you. Looking after yourself, and your friends is the 1st step of creating a force to be reckoned with.
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