Tips on writing articles

Have you ever needed to write an article or perhaps even a blog post for work or the club/company newsletter or website? How many of you have read articles and thought, “No, that’s not right!”, or “I want more in-depth information on the subject that the author only touched on, so I’m sure others will too”, or even “I want people to know my opinion or the way I would do such-and-such”. There can be nothing more nerve wrecking than putting pen to paper and starting an article. Where do you start? How to you make sure you get your point across? Here're some tips on where to start writing your own articles and blog posts.   Think of your reader: Before you begin Nicola Prentis from advises that you know who you are writing for. Use simple language and make it easy to read and interesting for your audience. Knowing the type of audience that will be reading your writing will make a big difference in how you construct your tone and information. Structure is key: Start with a title. Establishing your theme and title will help you a lot when planning out the rest of your article.  Leigh Peele suggests using...Read More