Tolerance and acceptance at work

With February being the “month of love” and Valentine’s day (or is it Singles’ Awareness Day!) just around the corner, I was thinking about love at the office. No, not in the cheeky sense of the word; but love for our colleagues, our work and our organisation. All of us have an internal moral compass that has been created by our upbringing, education and experiences in life, and at times these ethics may conflict with others’. This is especially true when we find ourselves in an environment that includes diverse people - as happens for most of us at work. So how do we learn to tolerate; work coherently with; and respect someone who has completely different views to us?   According to, acceptance is the first step to a successful organisation that fosters better performing individuals and teams. “When you accept someone, you acknowledge and welcome him or her into your environment, regardless of whether you share his cultural values, characteristics or experiences.” Tolerance is another word that we hear thrown around a lot, but how many of us truly practice it? At, the author acknowledges what a challenge being tolerant can be, however it is a...Read More