How to Boost Your Career with IQ and EQ

The debate, of what is more important for success in the work place “book smarts” or “street smarts”, continues.  Some scientists say that a higher IQ is the only contributing factor to success in the workplace, where others will argue that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) has a more powerful hand at creating success. So, which is better? Can one work without the other? How does each make an impact on your success? What is IQ? An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. In a company like Microsoft, one can certainly argue that “smart people make for better workers”. In this instance, the company needs workers with a higher cognitive ability, as the work is complex, and changing at a rapid rate. If the employee is unable to learn new skills, or develop new programmes at a fast pace, Microsoft runs the risk of losing their competitive edge. Wharton Psychologist, Adam Grant, has concluded after several studies that “Cognitive ability (IQ) was 5 times more powerful than emotional intelligence (EQ). The average employee with high cognitive ability (IQ) generated an annual revenue of $ 195 000, compared with the $ 159...Read More

Taking Care from Head to Toe

Each ‘FRIENDS’ episode reminds us that: ‘no-one told you life was going to be this way’. However, YOUR friends, family & colleagues, constantly remind you that you need to look after yourself. It seems like such an obvious notion, but as a PA, you are driven by the idea that you need to look after others and run their daily routines. For many, it’s in your nature to put others first, and consider yourself last (which is probably why you’re so good at your job). However, not looking after yourself can lead to lower energy levels; anxiety or the feeling of uncertainty; dwelling in guilt that you haven’t done enough; or performing your functions with less vigour or competence than what you are used to. Don’t worry – we’ll be there for you… We have a couple of techniques for you to use to pamper yourself (at a cost-effective rate) at home and PIVOT the way you feel about yourself, and #BeFabulous. SKIN: Your face is the first thing that you look at each day, and is the first thing that people notice about you. It holds the power to show your emotion, express yourself in conversation and create a...Read More

8 questions to ask a new boss

What questions should you be asking your boss in the first few days of your new job? You are working in a new environment, with new people and, more than likely, within a new work culture. Asking your new manager the following questions, will enable you to manage expectations, make a good impression and know where to find answers as early as possible, so that your new job begins as seamlessly as possible.   What is your boss' management style? This is one of’s top 10 questions and it’s probably one of the most important ones. Are you going to be micromanaged or will you largely be left alone to your own devices.   What is most important thing to your boss when it comes to their employees? Knowing what is important to your boss, will help you understand what they expect from you. So, for example, if they are a stickler for time-keeping, NEVER, EVER keep them waiting and your deadlines are exactly that – stick to them.   How does your new manager prefer to receive information? Some people HATE communicating via e-mail, and will only want to be updated during a face-to-face or telephonic interaction. It...Read More


I am shy, I don't do well in big crowds. I absolutely hate being the centre of attention. Can I speak well in public though? You're damn right I can! Follow these 5 tips that I use from these unforgettable speakers, and you will be sure to captivate any crowd... NELSON MANDELA "Customize your words to suit your audience" Not many could speak to the masses as poignantly as our beloved Madiba. He had a knack for relaying his message powerfully no matter who the audience he was delivering to. By understanding the type of audience he was speaking to, Madiba would make sure he connected his message to a subject that his audience could relate to. OPRAH WINFREY "Speak from your gut" We all know and love Oprah for her confident, velvet voice. In her article "How to Talk to a Crowd", she stresses the importance of speaking with clarity and conviction to connect with the power of our words. Just like singers, speakers need to 'find' their voice by literally speaking from their diaphragm. Stand in front of a mirror, take a deep breath and say one sentence over and over until you feel it resonating from your...Read More