What’s all the Clutter Mutter?

Creating a rhythm can help your brain Makes sense of things to keep you sane Without rhyme or reason, would we hate As it limits our performance rate Clear reading, understanding and just plain space Takes us to our happy place Organised chaos can sometimes suit But time wasted is always proved…. Our brains are programmed to follow a path Of easiness and simplicity, for our own health By creating a simple flow of words that form a pattern (or routine if you will), I am confident to say that I have already proven my point of “less is more”. As soon as our brains recognise shorter sentences, simple words and a rhythmic flow – the 10 lines above are not as overwhelming as a normal article would normally be – and can even create a sense of joy (or possibly just a sneaky smile). So why do we insist on cluttering our lives, our homes, our offices or our email inboxs when it is clearly easier and more bearable to deal with simplicity? Research has shown that clutter can have many negative effects on a person, and especially on employee productivity. Effects such as unhealthier eating; poorer mental health;...Read More

Captain Consistency

The very definition of a Personal Assistant is an ‘assistant who works for one person in particular’. Never mind working for yourself. You’re running your own life, and someone else’s (and often, more than one persons) at the same time as yours. To do this effectively, organisation is vital. In this day and age, PA’s have one of the most diverse job descriptions out there. Often their skills, abilities, talents and focus are not only shifted between executives, but could possibly range from running personal errands to conducting a staff meeting on the behalf of the chief executives. This versatility was emphasised during the economic struggles of the 2000’s. As most companies were forced to retrench staff, secretaries became responsible for more than one manager and started taking over tasks that were generally assigned to middle-level management. This would not be possible without some sort of organisation. As much as we would all like to believe that we are a secret super-hero, we are only human and are bound to forget something every now and then. Developing your own system of organisation can assist in avoiding this imminent forgetfulness, and assist in keeping the façade of a Marvel Avenger. Find...Read More

Tips on organising the best Office Christmas Party

Have you been put in charge of organising the office Christmas party this year? Excellent! Let’s make it one that your colleagues will talk about for years to come. Here’s some tips to help you.   Plan, plan and plan some more It’s definitely not too late to start organising your Christmas party, but you definitely need to do a few things right away. And no. 1 is decide on and book a venue. The good ones are booked up quickly, so start calling and e-mailing your faves right away.   Decide on a date Probably best to start with a date that suits the boss, then group e-mailing the rest of your colleagues to see which (of the dates the boss gave) suits the majority. Make sure to include the time of day the event will be held as this may impact on the person’s decision.   Partners or not? Depending on your company (and your boss’ wishes), your event may include partners of staff, and even kids. This is a crucial piece of information when deciding on the venue, time of day the party will be held, menu, entertainment etc.   Send out invitations (asap) Once the date...Read More