Ending your year on the right note

It’s coming up to the end of the year and if you, like 45% of Americans, made New Year’s resolutions last year, only 8% of you will achieve them. In fact, according to Statistic Brain.com  24% of us will never succeed and will fail on our resolution each year.   So, here’s a thought, instead of making New Year’s resolutions on the spur of the moment just before midnight (and, let’s be honest, they will probably be the same, or very similar to last year’s ones), how about taking the time to look back on your year to see what worked and what didn’t, what you achieved and what was unsuccessful, and with this concrete information, make a plan for 2016.   According to Laurie Gerber, Senior coach and Co-President of Handel Group Life Coaching, there are 5 Easy steps to ending your year with a bang. These include writing down your successes and failures, and your thoughts on them. Interestingly she also symbolically ‘burns’ the failures which can be a wiping clean of the slate, as well as an important lesson in not holding on to what you couldn’t or didn’t do, but instead what you can and will...Read More