What’s all the Clutter Mutter?

Creating a rhythm can help your brain Makes sense of things to keep you sane Without rhyme or reason, would we hate As it limits our performance rate Clear reading, understanding and just plain space Takes us to our happy place Organised chaos can sometimes suit But time wasted is always proved…. Our brains are programmed to follow a path Of easiness and simplicity, for our own health By creating a simple flow of words that form a pattern (or routine if you will), I am confident to say that I have already proven my point of “less is more”. As soon as our brains recognise shorter sentences, simple words and a rhythmic flow – the 10 lines above are not as overwhelming as a normal article would normally be – and can even create a sense of joy (or possibly just a sneaky smile). So why do we insist on cluttering our lives, our homes, our offices or our email inboxs when it is clearly easier and more bearable to deal with simplicity? Research has shown that clutter can have many negative effects on a person, and especially on employee productivity. Effects such as unhealthier eating; poorer mental health;...Read More

Overwhelmed? Use these 5 tips to simplify your life and combat stress… PART 1

Stress has become one of those conditions that we tend to look at as a 'normal' part of everyday life. I've watched TEDx talks by reputable speakers explaining how some stress is actually good for you. Well, I believe that is rubbish! I feel that the 'good for you' stress that people talk about is not in fact stress at all, it has been labeled incorrectly because we have been conditioned to believe that any time we feel more excited, passionate, driven than usual, it's considered by some as a positive form of stress. But the REAL 'stress', the stress that we in the western world have actually created due to our perpetual desire for more more more; that stress can never be looked at from a positive perspective. I have never heard anyone say "Wow, you are looking so good, it must be from all the stress!" or "You are always so calm and relaxed, it's definitely all the stress you are going through right?" So if you are one of those people that "thrives on stress" and you are genuinely happy and completely fulfilled, you may in fact not be thriving on stress at all, just living an...Read More