Stay Super-charged this Winter

As the days get shorter, and the nights get longer, our bad habits start to form. Our exercise gets less, the bread, wine and chocolates get more – and our complaining never stops! As we head into our winter months, we would like to challenge you to keep #TakingControl, and to look after yourself.

Last month, we had daily activities to cleanse the mind, focusing on mental health – and this month, we want to expand on the holistic view of health – and tackle the physical aspect.

We all know how to keep healthy – we’ve heard it our whole lives: Eat right; Exercise daily; Drink lots of water; Get some proper sleep; blah blah blah…. So why is it so hard? Why are there so many temptations in and around our environment convincing us to the do the opposite? We know what to do, but it just seems like we never have the time to care for ourselves, or the will power to put in the effort needed.

In order to achieve our goals, they need to be broken down into bite size chunks. So let’s try to focus on only 4 areas to improve our health:

  1. Physical Activity – Set small goals for yourself and try to be active daily. Combining leisure activity (biking / walking) and structured activity (running / strength training) has the best benefit for your body.
  2. Nutrition and Diet – Getting a well-balanced eating plan that contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals can give your body the fuel it needs to function at its optimal level. Combine that with the intake of filtered water, and your body will be able to digest, and process the nutrients effectively.
  3. Alcohol and Drugs – Avoiding substances that alter your mood or other bodily processes will reduce the risk of health issues, and changes of your mental state.
  4. Rest and Sleep – Allow your body some time to relax, especially after it’s given you a full day of optimal functioning. Sleep should be between 7-9 hours each night, in a quiet and dark environment.

So, Why the Challenge?

As physical and mental health are strongly connected – we want you to take the time to focus on positive habits, and #BeYourBestSelf in order to perform your role as effectively as possible. Often, we tend to neglect one or more of the above components of physical health, and it starts to show through fatigue, weight gain, illness, lack of energy etc.

Here are some daily habits to kick start a new lifestyle, a new you… and a new positive outlook.

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