Skills Required For Administrators In The New World Of Work

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 09:36
Author: Catarina Allison  

As we sit and stare at the “new world of work” that has become a reality since the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are forced to face the fact that our job requirements are changing, and our skills are becoming “outdated”. As the market adapts, it’s imperative that we change with it.

Staying relevant by attending industry Conferences and Events, that are specific to your job function, will help you to stay on top of the latest trends and will ensure that you are prepared for the changes to come.  

Another advantage of attending a conference or similar event, is that they allow you to build a strong network and provide a great opportunity for you to connect with likeminded professionals.

The 13th Annual Joburg Secretaries Day Conference will be taking place on 2 – 3 September 2020 and is an event specifically aimed at Administrative Professionals (AP’s), Executive Assistants (EA’s) and Personal Assistants (PA’s).  Catarina Allison, Director of KumaloGreen (the conference organisers) says that “Gone are the days of typing, proof-reading, making coffee and answering phones. AP’s, EA’s and PA’s need to be able to do more, as they provide crucial support to their executives. To stay relevant, they will be expected to increase their Emotional Intelligence, increase their ability to solve complex problems, increase their ability to collaborate with others and improve their Technological Skills. The Conference is designed to give delegates a clear vision of what their industry will expect in the next 5 years and will provide some of the skills, to help them prepare for the future.”

Whilst conducting research for the conference, Allison came across an article on The World Economic Forum (WEF) website entitled: The 3 key skill sets for the workers of 2030. Not all the skills below are relevant to the administrative profession but the more of these skills you have, the better off you will be:

1: Higher cognitive skills: these skills include advanced literacy and writing, quantitative and statistical skills, critical thinking and complex information processing.

2: Social and emotional, or so-called “soft skills”: these include advanced communication and negotiation, empathy, the ability to learn continuously, to manage others and to be adaptable.

3: Technological skills: this embraces everything from basic to advanced IT skills, data analysis, engineering and research.

With developed skills in some (or all) of the above area’s AP’s, EA’s and PA’s will not only be able to manage their future role more effectively but they will also become indispensable to their Executives. For details on the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference please click

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